Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Going Green at the Inns... every little bit counts!

Living in Maine, where every day you are close to nature, really has made us strive to do our part to preserve the land, water, air and our planet! Like our guests, we appreciate and value nature . Here are some of the things we currently do at the Inns to play our part!

Daily trips to the recycling center with glass, boxes, paper, plastics and more. If you have items you would like us to include while you are in our company, please pass them to any employee or leave them in your rooms and we will add to our next trip!

All of our "scraps" from the kitchen are composted to the extent possible and used in our many gardens!

It seems we are always doing laundry, and for that reason, have updgraded to energy efficient, low water and soap usage washing machines. And of course environmentally friendly products!
You will find in the guest rooms, requests to hang your towels for another use and help us minimize daily laundry if you will be staying with us for several nights.

To conserve energy, lighting is kept at a minimum when possible, as is heat when we do not have guests in our company, and you will notice the use of our fireplaces and wood stove to warm your rooms and our parlors. Whenever possible, we also use low wattage, low voltage and CFC lightbulbs. In addition, many of the windows in the Blackberry Inn have been replaced with new double pain "E" glass to conserve heat.

While we are not a recognized organic grower, we do not use any pesticides or chemicals in our flower, herb or vegetable gardens and our berry patch is on stock that is over 50 years old! Many of these ingredients are used in our cooking, as are local ingredients from our neighbors, the local farm markets and other growers dedicated to the same environmental visions as us!

Changes are being made daily, and please share your suggestions while you are here as our guests, helping us do our part to conserve our planets and the beautiful resources around us!

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