Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Schooners are back in the Harbor!

Summer is here and all of our Maine schooners are back in the harbor! Generally sailing between the months of April and October, the schooners have been ramping up their sailing and have rolled out their full schedules for the summer months. If you have not taken a day trip on one of our Maine schooners in the past, make this your year! Most of the schooners offer hourly, half day and full day excursions, or you can even charter a trip for a personal adventure! Just some of our schooners include the Olad, Heron, the Surprise, the Appledore and the Windjammer Mary Day. Visit the Camden Chamber of Commerce website at http://www.camdenme.org/ and click on the boating page for all of the available excursions and links to the ships websites. Give us a call if you prefer and we will help you plan your excursion and give you all of the tips you'll need to make your sailing trip a success!

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