Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did You Know...?

That Camden, Maine's schooner fleet is the largest in the world? Since 1936, these wooden schooners have sailed from Camden carrying vacationers on scenic cruises amid the islands of Penobscot Bay and for this reason, Camden is know as the schooner capital. Among the fleet, you should consider taking cruises on such ships as the Schooner Lazy Jack, the Schooner Olad, or the Schooner Surprise. In addition, you can take a lobster cruise on the Lively Lady Too or take a longer cruise on a large windjammer, with trip ranges from a couple of hours up to a week. Many of the ships sail well into the fall months, a great time to explore the coast and see the wildlife on the islands and sea. What a great time of year fall is for a New England visit!

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  1. You mention the Schooner's Olad, Surprise and Lazy Jack in your promotion. In Camden, Lazy Jack II sails from the commercial public landing. Lazy Jack (the original) sails from Pier 1 in Boothbay Harbor. FYI.

    Schooner Lazy Jack
    Pier 1 Boothbay Harbor, ME