Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vote for US as your favorite Inn!

We love all of the wonderful comments our guests leave in our guestbook and on review sites like TripAdvisor! Here is another opportunity for you to tell us what you think! The Lanier B&B website is currently casting votes for your favorite Inns across the country, giving you opportunities to vote on such things as Best Bed, Best Cup of Joe, Best Breakfast and many more! There are over 80 categories to vote on if you wish. Vote for one or all! Just use this link,, find our Inn and cast your vote! The results will be posted on the website, sent to voters, and published in their annual guidebook! We hope you visit the site and select the Inns at Blackberry Common as your favorite!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stonewall Kitchen in Camden!

Are you familiar with the delights produced by the New England based company Stonewall Kitchen? The company began in 1991 in a small town in New Hampshire and has spread across New England. We are proud to have one of only 9 company stores right here in downtown Camden. The sauces, dips, mixed and kitchen and garden wares are a fantastic fit with the quaint shops in downtown Camden, and offer the best the company has to offer. You can also shop Stonewall Kitchen online at www.stonewallkitchen, and the company stores will be happy to ship your products to meet you at home as well! Be sure to make this shop a must see on your next trip to Camden, so you can bring home some of Maine's best!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to enjoy long lasting Easter lillies!

Easter lilies are a long standing traditional, and can be beautiful for weeks to come if properly cared for! When you first receive your lily, water it thoroughly and allow the water to drain. Going forward, water weekly, keeping in mind not to overwater which could cause the bulb to rot. Place your lily in a room that receives normal day light, but is not too hot, as the cooler the room is, the longer the flowers will last. As for saving our linens, snip off the pollen sacs found inside the blooms, as the droppings can be messy and create stains! This will also keep the flower clean. When the bloom starts to die, deadhead the flower by pruning back the stem.

Because the Easter lily is a forced bulb, it won't bloom again indoors, but there's a chance you might get it to bloom again outdoors. All you need to do is take it out when it's nice and warm, plant it in a sunny location, as deep as it was in the container. Keep it watered, fertilize it and then cross your fingers. There's a 50-50 chance it will bloom again.