Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July makes 11 years!

This July marks our 11th anniversary of innkeepers at the Inns at Blackberry Common! When we came to Camden, Maine in 1998, we were young, full of anticipation and excitement, and ready to embrace the 10 rooms at the Blackberry Inn as our new home! 11 years later, we are on our 3rd five year plan, a little older, now up to 12 grandkids and have grown to become the Inns at Blackberry Common! With the addition of the Elms and renovations, we are now 18 rooms strong, and continue to greet many of the same people that have now become our friends! We still have lots of plans and things to do... the fun continues and hopefully will keep us busy for years to come! If we haven't met or haven't seen you in some time, join us this year and see how far we have come! And of course, we would be happy to show off the pictures of the grandkids too!

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