Friday, May 28, 2010

A Full Moon Tonight! Celebrate on the Beach!

Celebrate on the beach as the moon rises and casts a lovely glow over the bay... There is surely something magical about the rising of the moon. On the coast of Maine it is a site to behold. Going back in human history the cycles of the moon were always closely followed and a source for rituals and celebrations. Here in Maine we've kept many traditions alive over the years. This year, throughout the spring, summer and fall, at the rising of the full moon each month there will be a celebration at Lincolnville Beach, just a few miles from the Inn. Live music and a bonfire at dusk sets the stage as mother nature takes the lead. The forecast for tonight is clear so the show should be nothing short of spectacular! Local residents and visitors will enjoy the first Full Moon Celebration of the year! Shops and restaurants will remain open too! Bring a blanket, have a picnic…and don't forget your camera!

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