Friday, March 11, 2011

Syfy Network Film Crew Shoots in Maine

A crew from the Syfy Network's "Ghost Hunters" program filmed an upcoming eposide at Fort Knox State Historic Site recently. Though it was really cold, the crew spent six days at the fort looking for "ectoplasmic apparitions" - ghosts!
On the show, two paranormal investigators travel the country investigating for proof of haunted locations. Just up the road a bit, Maine's Fort Knox, which dates back to the 1840's, has long been considered a spooky and potentially haunted location. The huge Fort complex is built mostly underground and has many dark tunnels. Perfect haunting grounds!
During the summer months, we send guests (and have brought several of our grandchildren armed with flashlights) to the Fort on the way north from Camden. Fort Knox is about 20 miles from the Inn, right on the banks of the Penobscot River. Troops were garrisoned there during both the Civil War and the Spanish America War, ... though legend has it that no shots were ever fired from its cannons.
Did the Syfy crew find any ghosts? They wouldn't talk... we we will all need to watch the show to find out! We will keep you posted on the Fort Knox episode air date scheduled for some time this spring!