Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Going Green and Certified as an Environmental Leader in Hospitality

It's official!  Our inns have been recertified by the State of Maine as an Environmental Leader!  And that is something everyone here at the Inns at Blackberry Common can be very proud of achieving.  But "green" is not to be confused with "minimal" or "lean".  In actuality, for guests it means enjoying a higher standard, attention to details and a focus on every aspect of service. For instance all natural soaps, shampoos, lotions and amenities that are selected with special care.  This same level of care is necessary in selecting cleaning products for rooms, baths and linens.  No perfumes, no chemicals, all natural... all the time. Linens are high quality, pure cotton or bamboo.  Shopping local and seasonal gives our guests the finest and freshest ingredients in every dish every day and also means less fuel to get products from farm to table. Plus we grow our own herbs and and many of our vegetables using safe gardening practices and no pesticides!  Our blackberry patch is from root stock that has been here at the inns for over 50 years... going strong and all natural!  When you come and stay with us, please feel free to enjoy the garden, sample the berries, savor the herbs...and if you see a weed or two... help us out and pick! 

Naturally going green also means recycling (which our guests love!) and reducing energy with CFL bulbs, low flow efficient bath fixtures, energy efficient appliances. Even the gas fireplaces in guest rooms which always make our guests smile are part of our energy saving commitment! 

All of our staff is committed to our environmental practices and we welcome our guests to take part too!  Many already recycle, reuse towels and enjoy ice water without plastic bottles.  Have an idea for us?  Please let us know because each time we are assessed by the State of Maine, we need to add new and creative ways to help protect and converse.  So thank you to our staff and to our guests... You have helped us earn this recognition! 

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