Friday, June 27, 2014

The Magic of Monhegan Island

Exit the ferry and take a look around.  You've traveled an hour from the mainland to reach your destination: the captivating Monhegan Island.  You step off of the dock and survey your surroundings.  The large, elegant hotel to your right crowning a flowered slope does not match the image you had in mind.  It is beautiful and you are sure very hospitable, but where are the rustic cottages of the nearly cloistered community here.  Be patient. Walk to the top of the hill and then you will be rewarded with what you came here to see.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maine's Free-spirited Bloom

 As we celebrated the Summer Solstice today, I was sure to check off all of the traditional summer “firsts” from my to-do-list.  I began with a brisk swim in one of our countless local lakes. Next I caught our first fish of the season off of our own dock! FINALLY I had to go for a short bike ride past the quaint harbor houses and into the surrounding hills to appreciate the lupines.  Lupines are Maine’s informal state flower and for the next few weeks they decorate the borders of every road in Camden!! These beautiful wild flowers sport tall columns of lush purple blossoms of every different shade.  I’ve travelled a lot around this country and lived on both the east coast AND the west, but I have NEVER come across a more appealing bloom than the Lupine!!