Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maine's Free-spirited Bloom

 As we celebrated the Summer Solstice today, I was sure to check off all of the traditional summer “firsts” from my to-do-list.  I began with a brisk swim in one of our countless local lakes. Next I caught our first fish of the season off of our own dock! FINALLY I had to go for a short bike ride past the quaint harbor houses and into the surrounding hills to appreciate the lupines.  Lupines are Maine’s informal state flower and for the next few weeks they decorate the borders of every road in Camden!! These beautiful wild flowers sport tall columns of lush purple blossoms of every different shade.  I’ve travelled a lot around this country and lived on both the east coast AND the west, but I have NEVER come across a more appealing bloom than the Lupine!!
Its vibrant yet cohesive colors have been the inspiration for countless works by local artists, and these roadside masterpieces put dedicated gardeners to shame!  These flowers represent the heart of Maine not only in the Mainers’ great affection and pride for their local “weed” but also in the spirit of the lupine itself.  This rustic treasure refuses to be planted and cultivated by a civilized hand, and brave souls who try are repeatedly met with frustration and failure.  Lupines belong to the wilderness that is pervasive in this state, and they possess the stubborn streak common to residents who like their lifestyle and come blizzard or rainstorm won’t be uprooted!!  Lupines live up to the Maine motto “THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE” with their beautiful, rugged, untamed existence.  Only within the next few weeks will you be able to experience an escort of lupines leading you into Camden. If you get the chance to view these seasonal beauties, you WON’T regret the trip!!!

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