Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coast of Maine Brings the Blues

The past weekend swarms of music enthusiasts flocked to coastal  Maine.  The reason was not a big name concert or one of the many eccentric teen-congested music festivals of the summer.  Instead the cause was a impressive yet welcoming gathering on the public landing near the harbor of small town Rockland, Maine. 
At this modest venue some of the biggest names in modern blues music came to perform for eager crowds.  Many of the guests at my inn who came into town for the occasion have returned year after year for the North Atlantic Blues  Festival.  They call the experience one of kind and I can’t help but agree.  Unlike other summer music festivals where half the time is spent avoiding the heat, fans at the blues festival enjoyed Maine’s temperate climate further aided by the fresh sea breeze.  Musicians such as Jarekus Singleton, Mr. Sipp: the Mississippi blues child, and Joanna Connor provided soulful live performances that are few and far between in the 21st century music scene.  The raw talent present in every performer of the weekend was a rare treat.  However the sweetest treat may have been the festival’s food.  Maine is known as a “foodie” state and for good reason. This doesn’t exclude festivals, and local restaurants spared no expense in ensuring festival goers would be well fed! Vendors also offered a wide variety of locally made crafts to provide attendees with a unique souvenir for the weekend.
After a day full of local delicacies, talented musicians, and an unrivaled backdrop of the harbor’s sailboats, continuing on with a night out sounds unthinkable.  However the party went on at Rockland’s local bars and restaurants on Friday and Saturday night.  Main street was closed to pedestrians, and concert attendees of legal drinking age enjoyed free admission to concerts occurring throughout the town.  After a long weekend, my guests left the inn on Sunday worn-out but full of promises to return next year!

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