Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Come Sail Away

No one forgets the experience of their first schooner ride, and for most that memory keeps them coming back for more.  As summer winds to a close, our schooners plan to let loose the lines and ease out the sails.
Camden's annual Windjammer Festival is coming up at the end of August.  All summer,  a few familiar schooners call our harbor home.  Surprise, Appledore, and MaryDay are only a few of our seasonal nautical neighbors. However, in the last week of August, a festival on water comes into town.  Talk with dozens of local captains, go for lunch cruises, midday tours, or sunset sails, and experience traditional ocean travel that's hard to find anywhere else.  Take a step back in time when you set foot onto the custom built all-wood deck.  The thick oak masts with billowing canvas "engines" will stir your sense of adventure as you glide across the bay.  Perhaps the breeze will fill you with poetry at the sight of seemingly endless isklands in the distance framed between a clear late summer sky and a sea marbled with ocean spray.  Come see what a schooner ride will bring out in you!

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